Paulo did a great job in getting our site integrated with CMS made simple. He worked quickly to get us up and running and helped us resolve all our issues. Our staff can now make updates to our site without getting a web-developer involved. Highly recommended…. A+

Ronan Flannery

We had counted on Paulo´s professionalism and quality of work more than once .

Natacha Augusta

Paulo worked for Dennis Publishing for over a year, bringing experience, good usable clean and elegant design, great SEO knowledge and a fantastic work ethos to our team. In his time at Dennis, Paulo helped overhaul our design production process with the introduction of Smarty templates, and successfully launched and

If he moves back to London, I would employ him again!

Luke Walker Dennis Publishing

We, at the Windsor House Hotel in London cannot praise him enough. Not only is he creative with total expertise -  but also he is thorough -  achieves perfection and above all - works incredibly fast.

We had been waiting for just ages for our previous webmaster to help us to sort out our site with very little action until suddenly and by chance we found Paulo and then everything was done and dusted within a couple of hours and to perfection too. Not only this but he is also incredibly helpful with aftercare and advice of all sorts. If we have an internet problem he is the first person we think of and also the first person who rushes to help.  He also has made search engine optimisation for us. Paulo is the 'man who can'.

Jan Wardle