Internet solutions for independent professionals and small businesses


Why your business needs an online presence

A business digital footprint can give it's audience a rather accurate picture to it’s image, values and responsibility. More even with social proof being so important where anyone can rate, like and share to is network with the ease of a click.

Now it’s the time to enter the battle for consumer attention and make sure your products and services get noticed above the crowd.

I have helped many professionals and businesses to make a better use of the internet, making sure they have an up-to-date website with useful content perfectly integrated with relevant social networks.

Here's what you need to stand above the crowd:


A search optimized, fast and up-to-date website

This is your marketing hub seamlessly integrated with the relevant social networks to leverage it’s visibility.

It should serve your business needs, that means it’s easy to update and users can easily engage with it, either finding what they are looking for, sharing contents or reviewing your services. Along with other search engine optimisation must haves, it needs to be as fast as it can and work properly on any device.

Responsive and Search optimized websites

Original and relevant content

The only way to keep floating on the massive social stream is to curate, create and repurpose relevant content. This means useful information, preferably image and video for better engagement.

This is a time consuming task, but with the right strategy, the right listening and sharing tools along with clever automatisation you won’t miss engagement opportunities.

Content strategy and web-videos

Social proof and engage with your audience

The world is now ultra connected and anyone can review and share content, also search engines rely on social sharing signals to determine content ranking.

This is why you need a constant stream of good quality content to keep your business afloat.

Content strategy and web-videos